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MAJOR League 1-2 P.M.

Masan Polk and Jeremiah Wait

"We discuss and debate the hottest topics in the sports world, with a fair share of pop culture, jokes, and general tomfoolery."

Good Afternoon 4-5 P.M.

Billy Ayers

"With different guests every week, Billy Ayers covers music, hot topics, and anything else he finds interesting. A show truly about nothing (and everything)!"

The Juice Hour 5-7 P.M.

Ben Latimer, Brady Blang, and Adam Ninmer

"Our radio show will have a fun mix between sports, pop culture and everyday life at UWL. In addition to that, we will play a variety of music. We are three roommates that enjoy having conversations about anything and everything. We believe that our energy creates a very fun and interesting radio show."

Tune It Up 7-8 P.M.

Sophia Sorenson

"Tune It Up is a music show with a different theme each week. Tune in to hear some familiar favorites and not-so-familiar but soon to be favorites and talk about why we have this crazy little thing called love for the sound of music."

Blood, Sweat, and Bears 8-9 P.M.

Charlie Shreve, Bryan Gikes, and Mick Nisbet

"The show will be a podcast that discusses pop culture, sports, and current events. Blood, Sweat, and Bears will maintain a light and comedic tone while discussing very current and applicable issues that relate to the everyday life of college kids and young adults."

Hot Takes 9-10 P.M.

Sam Brink, Noah Rummel, and Zack Kluever

"Sam, Noah, and Zack...Three college students take on reporting all sorts of news in an intelligent manner. From politics, to sports, to any facet of news available, these three experts will give you their opinions on the matters at hand. The hottest takes from the smartest individuals on campus."