Bach to the Future 7-8 P.M.

Alison Obright

Have you ever wondered what classical music is all about? On my show I will explore the stories behind famous symphonies, film scores, musicians, and conductors from our time and from times long ago. Bach to the Future will give listeners a relaxing soundtrack to their evening, give them a new way to listen to this fascinating genre. Check out Bach to the Future's Twitter at @BachFutureRAQ.

Tune It Up 8-9 P.M.

Sophia Sorenson

"Tune It Up is a music show with a different theme each week. Tune in to hear some familiar favorites and not-so-familiar but soon to be favorites and talk about why we have this crazy little thing called love for the sound of music." Check out Tune It Up's blog at

Political Pints 9-10 P.M.

Nate Wegehaupt


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