State of the Art 2-3 P.M.

Corinne Kessler & Emma Henry

"Join Corinne and Emma for discussion of topics from the world of visual and performing arts, both local and national. Each week will focus on a new theme. Join her as she discusses what makes all of us love the arts, and how we create it. What's the State of your Art?"

MJ Sports Report  5-6 P.M.

Matt Murphy & Jared Endres

"The MJ Sports Report will get you ready for each weekend in sports. We cover local and national teams, as well as breaking news and more. Matt and Jared do it all!"

HELP Radio 8-9 P.M.

Charlie Richardson and Conor O' Keefe

"Join these two for a fun-filled show as they use their outlandish senses of humor and insane ability to do on-the-spot comedy to entertain their peers, while also showing them various genres of music they would love for the world to know more about (Jazz, Punk, Indie, etc.)."

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