The La Crosse Thinkers 

Dr. Chen

"Join us to listen to local experts’ opinions on cutting edge topics such as artificial intelligence, quantum physics, Bitcoin, cloud computing, big data, evolution theory, on and on…"

Check out our recorded shows here.

We're All Mixed Up 4-5 P.M.

Mirm Hurula and Mickey Redington

"An hour isn't really a long time, and we get mixed up in a lot of stuff. We talk about everything under the sun, from our identities to the hardships of being marginalized on this campus to colleagues who share a little too much information. Tune in every week to see what we cover and the hot tea we spill."

The Single Circle Talk Show 6-7 P.M.

Parker Hoff 

"My name is Parker, and I’m riding solo on my radio show, and it’s well-rounded. I talk about a variety of topics. They include sports, politics, news, and just random stuff."

The Erik Ellefson Show 7-8 P.M.

Erik Ellefson

"On my show I discuss the latest in the world of sports. Feel free to call in with questions or opinions! I also mix in some music as well."


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